Utility is the foundation of the relationship.

Our usefulness model defines usefulness by examining how the brand's expertise, character, and purpose align with the values of both the target audience and society. Therefore, we include both the target group and society in brand thinking. It is an approach in which creating valuable solutions for them is central. It is about a brand being useful to its customers and contributing to their needs and aspirations. And at the same time play and continue to play a useful role in society.

Useful growth

As a brand, when you truly understand how to be useful, it can inspire sustainable growth and innovation. Internally, this can guide the development of the value proposition and corporate culture, while externally it is perceived as useful and credible communication.

Ons useful proces

There's a reason we're called TheMerge. We merge with our clients to create work that’s truly useful to them. We believe in finding usefulness through a collective design process. In this we make optimal use of internal and external expertise, objectives are central and learning and optimization is the norm.

Our useful process

Form unique teams.

We start the process by assembling the team and setting goals. We form one team with our client, their preferred suppliers and hook up any expert needed.

Fall in love with the problem.

We find out everything there is to know about the issue to understand what is needed to achieve our goals. We formulate creative design questions and find unique "human" insights.

Change for the better.

Based on the insights and objectives, we change, improve and find solutions. We test these with stakeholders, the target group and the goals set.

Make something useful.

We always create work that really benefits our clients, even in the long run. Designed to meet and optimize goals. And we always share the open files with our clients.