Thé Hybrid

DIY culture is on the rise
for many companies.

The increase in media possibilities has allowed companies to take on a lot themselves, so Do-it-yourself makes sense. There are many ways to reach people and many more assets that all require their own approach. TheMerge is therefore a 'hybrid agency' TheMerge does not work for, but with clients , creates open Source campaigns and works in ‘hybrid teams’ .

We don't work for clients...

... we work with them.

TheMerge facilitates DIY culture n companies by working closely together with them. We combine our clients’ expertise in product, marketing and culture with our strategic creativity and our outside perspective. We work as one team with one goal.

Open source campaigns.

The possibilities are endless.

With our open source system, only the most important campaign assets are finished. The system consists of a clear construct and open files with which an infinite number of variations can be developed.

Hybride teams.

Only what’s necessary.

We form one team with the client, their preferred suppliers and temporarily call in any specialists we need. Only what is needed and never more than that.
So then, you can do anything.

we’re ready for any technological development, any trend and any culture that comes our way.

Growth strategy
Brand strategy
Innovation strategy
Customer experience strategy
Data strategy
Campaign development
Communication planning
Media planning
Content strategy
Performance Marketing
Social en Influencer Marketing
Measurement and reporting
Experience Design
Design Language Systems
Brand Identity
Responsive Web
Native Applications
Retail Environments
Content Production
Interactive Production
Experiential en Event Production
Film and foto Production
DTP Studio
Post Production