Crazy Careers

The challenging option.

Talent&Pro is the development company for young professionals in the Netherlands and market leader in secondment within financial services. Nevertheless, interviews with the target group revealed that secondment is not known as a challenging option. Young professionals have the idea that they are sent to 'assignments' and 'put away' with clients. We now make it clear once and for all that Talent&Pro is the challenging option when starting out in the job market.

Crazy careers

A Crazy Career is more than a job and more than a traineeship. In a few years, you will develop yourself further than others in their entire career. And together with your fellow talents and colleagues you will celebrate milestones at cool parties. An unforgettable experience and a kickstart for any career. A Crazy Career consists of: a Career Coach, Master Moves, Happy Hours and Sick Skills

Career Coach, Sick Skills, Master moves & Happy Hours.

In short complementary online videos, we show that Talent&Pro has what young talents are looking for in a job: Personal development, training, great opportunities and get-togethers and parties.

Crazy website

The landing page dives into the four themes.

Crazy banners

If you have a crazy campaign, you don't need normal banners. They needed to pop, have color, be absurd and over the top

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A simple question with a big effect.