Six-year warranty

Whichever you choose

Suzuki is known as one of the most reliable car brands. To fortify this, the brand is introducing "six-years of warranty". Whichever model or color you choose.

Focus on the models


The brand Suzuki is not always top-of-mind. That is precisely why creating recognizability for each model is extra important. In all assets, the cars are illuminated from all sides and are shown in every color. In this way we build on the recognisability of the models and therefore the brand.

Jumps off the screen

From TV to timeline.

The chosen form is ideal for cross-media translation and jumps off every screen. Whether you see it on TV or your timeline. And of course you can also hear the colorful campaign on the radio.

Divided into two flights

S-Cross, Vitara, Swift, Ignis.

The campaign is divided into two flights. In the first flight, the focus is on the introduction of the six-year warranty. The S-Cross and Vitara play the leading role in this campaign. Private lease is communicated in the second flight. The Swift and Ignis are added to the line-up.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A superfusion between Esther, Britt, Tymen , Frank, Paul, Els, Jenny, Chris, Matthijs, Jamie, Alla, Marco, Wout, Yvonne, Frank, Scott and Sietske

Esther van Sprang
Content Manager @ Suzuki
Britt Kaandorp
planner @ Earforce
Tymen Geurts
Audio creative @ Earforce
Frank Officier
Developer @ TheMerge
Paul Meijer
Managing Director @ TheMerge
Els Franssen
Campagne Manager @ TheMerge
Jenny Schermer
Projectmanager creatie @ Abovo
Chris Kolkman
Colorist @ Lukkien
Matthijs van Moorsel
Executive producer @ Lukkien
Jamie Regensburg
Editor @ Lukkien
Alla Oosterling
Senior Campaign Marketeer @ Suzuki
Marco Wempe
DTP + editor @ TheMerge
Wout Arets
Creative @ TheMerge
Yvonne Bruysters
Campaign Manager @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Creative Lead @ TheMerge
Scott van der Velden
Motion Graphic designer @ TheMerge
Sietske van de Vegte
Designer @ TheMerge