The World upside down

A private lease campaign in uncertain times

If the media only talks about the effects of the Corona crisis, you, the consumer may become anxious. Not only about your health, but also about the financial consequences. You become more careful and take extra consideration about large expenses. Suzuki understands that people want to remain mobile, but simply commiting to a private lease contract seems risky.

Cancel free of charge in case anything happens

At Suzuki your private lease contract can be dissolved free of charge in case of "life changing events". This includes: dismissal, work incapacity, divorce, death and disqualification from driving for medical reasons.
In the TV commercial, we see the usual image of Suzuki. The model is suddenly turned upside down, because, like the situation in the world, your life can suddenly be turned upside down. That "disruptive" image is central to the entire campaign.

The proposition linked to the models

In the rich media ads, the assets are immediately linked to the models. They are immediately next to the thematic expressions. Not a long "click-through" journey, but clear what it is about from the star

Long, short, high, wide

The story of this campaign can be clearly translated into every social asset imaginable due to its simple implementation

A reassuring landing

A proposition that seems too good to be true is questionable. That is why particular attention was paid to providing answers during the landing. Open and clear communication without strings attached

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Jutta, Frank, Els, Scott, Sietske, Frank, Stefan, Yvonne, Alla, Maud, Vincent, Reinder, Esther, Paul en Erwin

Jutta Vermeijs
Brand Manager @ Suzuki
Frank Officier
Developer @ Freelance
Els Franssen
Campagne Manager @ TheMerge
Scott van der Veld
Motion Graphics Designer @ TheMerge
Sietske van der Vegte
Designer @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Creative @ TheMerge
Stefan Klomp
Client Consultant @ DirectResearch
Yvonne Bruysters
Campaign Manager @ TheMerge
Alla Oosterling
Sr. Project Manager @ Suzuki
Maud Eykman
Research Expert @ DirectResearch
Vincent Jorritsma
Marketing Director @ Suzuki
Reinder van Zalk
Owner @ Earforce
Esther van Sprang
Content Manager @ Suzuki
Paul Meijer
Partner @ TheMerge
Erwin Kleinjan
Partner @ TheMerge