about fun

For years, Suzuki has been known for reliability.

And for good reason, because whether it's cars, motorcycles and outboards: proven technical superiority is paramount. But what does that reliability get you?

Experiencing pleasure!

If you ask ten Vitara owners in what ways they derive pleasure from their car, you are likely to get ten different answers. Fun is personal. Some drive with the kids and "a trunk full" to France, others take that turn from the A4 to the A9 every day with full control, and still others enjoy the freedom of all-wheel-drive. Differing requirements, with one common denominator. It can only be done with confidence in technology.

Serious about fun.

By highlighting both sides, reliability and fun, Suzuki shows the relevance it has for riders: Facilitating carefree enjoyment.

In this brand film, we highlight Suzuki's three product categories, auto motorcycles and marine. With the overarching positioning "Serious about fun".Don't become a compromise, they strengthen each other.

It's all about what you can do with it.

In a print ad, for example, it is very important to clearly show the model, specifications and price. But you can also inspire there, too.

Fun with the car

We show several feature moments. These are inspired by Suzuki riders' stories from focus groups.

Fun with the product.

In product photography, we also let fun play a role. There is always a hint in there. It's the place, the people or the movement.

Fun on the water..

In the video for marine, the car also plays a role.

Fun with the motorcycle.

Because there are different types of motorcyclists, different motorcycle videos have been created.


The showroom interior has been updated to reflect the new positioning. The walls are decorated with large images of places where, as a rider, you really want to drive once.


On the website we show how Suzuki creates fun for riders.


‘This is the time to do’ winner Gouden Effie 2021