Sharp by Suzuki

A transition from sensible to super.

People know Suzuki as a reliable car brand that makes compact and economical cars. A wise choice. However, a car is not only chosen wisely. To get on the "consideration list" you have to touch an emotion. In this case, desire. A sharp approach to the strategy

From emotions to guarantee.

All assets in the campaign are dedicated to the models. They should look desirable, so that they are branded as a beautiful car in a potential customers memory. When someone actually starts to inquire, we rationalize the choice for a Suzuki with:

The 7 warranties from Suzuki.

  1. Great to drive
  2. Super technology
  3. Super design
  4. Super reliable
  5. Super service
  6. Super economical
  7. Super price

Nice car
Nice style

Context is everything, beautiful cars deserve a beautiful presentation. Hence an update to the corporate identity. Still Suzuki, just tighter, faster and sexier.

old Oude stijl
Super stijl

The marketing is in the product

No stand-up comedy, no abstract concepts, just fifteen seconds dedicated to the cars beauty. The films show the cars and nothing else, no nonsense.

four films, many possibilities

All four films are timed and produced perfectly to not only fit TV but also any format on social. Because the films are nonlinear, they can be cut to various lengths without losing their impact.


Because the films have exactly the same timing and camera movement, they’re easy to use on interactive applications.

A separate USP or every target group

Each of the 7 guarantees has its own banner. We adjust the guarantee depending on who sees the banner. In this way, the USPs always match the motivations of the different target groups.

Even score when it is Christmas.

Such a beautiful car with all those super guarantees, needs a beautiful Christmas message to wish everyone Happy Holidays.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Jutta, Jeroen, Karin, Wouter, Wim, Frank, Els, Niels, Frank, NOISIA, Alla, Corinne, Ivar, Vincent, Esther, Paul en Erwin

Jutta Vermeijs
Brand Manager @ Suzuki
Jeroen Floor
Manager Branding _ Media @ Suzuki
Karin van der Hulst
Campagne Manager @ TheMerge
Wouter Driessen
Art Director @ TheMerge
Wim Franssen
Channel Manager @ Suzuki
Frank Officier
Developer @ Freelance
Els Franssen
Campagne Manager @ TheMerge
Niels Medemblik
3D Generalist @ Lukkien
Frank Jockin
Art Director @ TheMerge
Alla Oosterling
Sr. Project Manager @ Suzuki
Corinne Jongh
Brand Manager @ Suzuki
Ivar Winkel
3D Generalist @ Lukkien
Vincent Jorritsma
Marketing Director @ Suzuki
Esther van Sprang
Content Manager @ Suzuki
Paul Meijer
Partner @ TheMerge
Erwin Kleinjan
Partner @ TheMerge