Are you ok?

A small question with a big effect.

A different approach with a new insight.

According to research by Rutgers, more than half of Dutch women and one-fifth of Dutch men have experienced sexually transgressive behavior. And in nightlife, this seems to be normalized.

Until now, campaigns were aimed at perpetrators and/or victims, but perpetrators do not always see themselves as perpetrators and victims feel alone and unsupported by bystanders.

This is why the "Are You OK?" campaign targets bystanders. It gives bystanders a simple tool to intervene, offenders feel watched and victims feel supported. It can be that easy.

Young people speak for themselves.

We let young people tell the story themselves. "Are You Okay?" should become theirs

On the landing page, it really starts to come together.

On the landing page, young people can watch videos of peers who have encountered it, see which entertainment venues are "Okay!" and join "Are You Okay?"

This is how social becomes very "Okay!”

The photos you can take on the landing page are popping up everywhere and providing a lot of extra reach.

There is also a Snapchat filter deployed on nightlife that is geo-targeted around nightlife areas. This has now been shared a whopping 236,000! times.

Entertainment venues also participate

For all partners who want to participate in "Are You Okay?" we have a toolkit.

In it we share the open files of the campaign. Really everything we created is in it: customizable animations, vector files, layout files and video files. Partners get to do anything with it to make it "their own. This makes for a motley collection of lots of extra content and lots of extra reach.

Municipalities also join in.

To address inappropriate sexual behavior on the streets and in nightlife.

With the use of local figureheads, “Are You Okay?” is brought to the attention. They teach their fellow city residents how to recognize sexually transgressive behavior, what to do as bystanders, what to expect next and how to deal with it. There is also a toolkit with posters, online resource inserts and content.

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