Are you ok?

A small question with a big effect.

A different approach with a new insight.

According to Rutgers' research, more than half of Dutch women and one fifth of Dutch men have experienced sexual transgressive behavior. This seems to be normalized in the nightlife scene

Until now, campaigns have been aimed at perpetrators and / or victims, but perpetrators do not always see themselves as such and victims often feel alone and not supported by their environment.

Therefore, the "Are you okay?" Campaign targets bystanders. It gives bystanders a simple tool to intervene, perpetrators feel monitored and victims feel supported. It can be that easy.

Let us show you.

The public campaign has one simple message in a striking and iconic form.

With illustrations, we demonstrate to different subcultures what young people can do if they see sexually transgressive behavior, ask the question: "Are you okay?"

Young people have their say.

We let young people tell the story themselves. "Are you okay?" Should be theirs.

It comes alive on the landing page.

On the landing page, young people can watch videos of peers who have experienced it, see which entertainment venues are "Okay!" And join "Are you okay?"

Social becomes very "Okay!"

The pictures you can take on the landing page pop up everywhere and give a wide reach.

Snapchat Filters with a geo-tag in bar areas are used on nights out. They have been shared over 263.000 times!


Venues are also participating.

For all partners that wish to participate with the ‘Are you okay’ campaign we designed a toolkit.

The toolkit consists of open files from the campaign. Everything we made is in here: animations, vector files, templates and video files. Partners are allowed to do anything they want to make it their own. resulting in motley collection of a whole bunch of extra content and plenty of extra reach.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Amy, Ava, Berend, Christiaan, Claudio, Erwin, Frank, Gjalt-Jorn, Guus, Job, Judith, Karin, Kees, Linda, Maartje, Marco, Mike, Milou, Naomi, Nick, Nick, Scott, Steven, Willy, Vivian en Xaviera

Amy Mante-Adu
Interventie-medewerker /onderzoeker Nationale Interventies @ Rutgers
Ava Meijer
Regisseur @ C-More Productions
Berend Schans
Directeur @ VNPF
Christiaan Pol
Directeur @ Brandfirm
Claudio Bosboom
PM assistent @ TheMerge
Erwin Kleinjan
Creative Director @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Art Director @ TheMerge
Gjalt-Jorn Peters
Behavior change researcher and intervention developer @ Universiteit Maastricht
Guus Foks
Advertising specialist @ Brandfirm
Job Wind
Developer @ Monkey station
Judith Noijen
Senior Preventionworker @ Celebrate Safe
Karin van der Hulst
Merge manager @ TheMerge
Kees Lamers
Beleidsmedewerker @ VNPF
Linda de Munck
Maartje Puts
Campaigner @ Rutgers
Marco Wempe
Studio Manager @ TheMerge
Mike Stet
Creative @ TheMerge
Milou Deelen
Naomi Felesita
Nick Ofman
Advertising specialist @ Brandfirm
Nick Hoogveldt
Creative @ TheMerge
Scott van der Velden
Motion Graphic designer @ TheMerge
Steven de Grauw
Intervention Officer and Researcher @ Rutgers
Willy van Berlo
Coordinator National Programmes @ Rutgers
Vivian Ronden
Creative Producer @ Shop Around
Xaviera Altena