But don't
come crying

A disruptor in the music industry

Ledo is a music platform where principles lie with creative freedom while artists retain (master) rights. Ledo offers useful tools and free distribution of their music. The platform brings artists and content creators together to share music, generate more streams and income through collaborations on social media.

Collab, grow big, but don’t come crying…

The campaign, aimed at artists, shows that working together with content creators can be worthwhile. Bringing them fame through a ton of streams as well as a lot of views. They can even become as big as their idols that also started out independently. Disclaimer: they shouldn’t come crying when they’re suffering from success.

One icon per genre.

To really connect to the artist’s experience, social and online videos were created with each focusing on a different music genre and icon. Naturally, each icon has their own issues with succes.

Get early access now.

As a "two way marketplace" the focus was placed on the artist target group. With the aim of building a quality music base and providing early access to artists in order to pioneer on the platform.

By creatives for creatives.

On owned media early adopters steal the spotlight as ambassadors.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Vijay, Paul, Els, Ledo, Ruben, Sip, Marco, Yvonne, Frank, Scott en Sietske

Vijay Kanhai
Music Producer @ Soulsearchin
Paul Meijer
Managing Director @ TheMerge
Els Franssen
Campagne Manager @ TheMerge
Ruben Wiegerinck
Motion graphics designer
Sip Hibma
Marco Wempe
DTP + editor @ TheMerge
Yvonne Bruysters
Campaign Manager @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Creative Lead @ TheMerge
Scott van der Velden
Motion Graphic designer @ TheMerge
Sietske van de Vegte
Designer @ TheMerge