Brooks Running

Content, content...

...and even more content for the second half of 2019.

In different formats, for mobile, desktop, and tablet, in six different languages, for a whole bunch of channels and for the entire online customer journey.

Turn streets into cushions and break your personal best.

If you've ever stood in front of a running shoe display, you know you need to be an expert to know which running shoe is best for you.

For the true runner, it is not always about design, but mainly about technology. Brooks asked TheMerge to focus on technology throughout the campaigns.

The campaigns for the second half of 2019 are all about the Glycerin 17 and the Ghost 12 with DNA LOFT technology, the softest cushioning ever!

The same clear message for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Translated into six different languages and many many formats.

The same clear message for social.

Translated into a whole lot of content, made specially for the speedy scroller.

This is how news suddenly becomes part of the campaign.

The same clear message with GIF stickers for your Instagram Stories.

Nice for when you want to give your running selfie an extra boost. And did they run fast or what!

And especially for our influencers.

Runners are a community-driven target group. They share routes, presentations and beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook. But of course also which running shoes are best.

We developed an influencer kit that looked and felt like a piece of the road with a wonderfully soft pillow. And in that pillow were some brand new Glycerin 17s. In one fell swoop, a lot of reach and content.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Ancel, Anthony, Emilie, Erwin, Esmé, Frank, Jordy, Judith, Marco, Paul, Scott, Sip, Taha, Bryce, Caitlin, Carina, Chris, Jim, Katrin, Marianne, Marlous, Rebecca, Sammy-Rose, Austin, Danielle, Doug, Kiana en Melissa

Ancel Gerla
Account Manager @ Ancel Gerla
Anthony Banks
Copywriter @ ADB Creative
Emilie Kasteleijn
Producer/ Project Manager @ Emilie Kasteleijn productions
Erwin Kleinjan
Creative Director/Regisseur @ TheMerge
Esmé Croonen
Project Manager @ Esmé Croonen Consultancy
Frank Jockin
Art Director/Regisseur @ TheMerge
Jordy Wedding
Designer/Illustrator @ Jordy Wedding illustratie en vormgeving
Judith Petit
Account Manager @ TheMerge
Marco Wempe
DTP + editor @ TheMerge
Paul Meyer
Regisseur @ TheMerge
Scott van der Veld
Designer/Editor @ TheMerge
Sip Hibma
Art Director @ TheMerge
Taha Chebli
Designer @ Cheta Animation en CG Design
Bryce Sage
Digital Retail Marketing Specialist @ Brooks Running EMEA
Caitlin Stoel
Marketing Coordinator @ Brooks Running EMEA
Carina Rhomberg
Retail Marketing Manager @ Brooks Running EMEA
Chris Tyrer
Media & Digital Communication Manager @ Brooks Running EMEA
Jim Miles
Director of Marketing @ Brooks Running EMEA
Katrin Reinhardt
Marketing Coordinator @ Brooks Running EMEA
Marianne van Rhijn
Sr. Digital Communications Manager @ Brooks Running EMEA
Marlous Westra
PR & Influencer Marketing Manager @ Brooks Running EMEA
Rebecca Moore
eCommerce Marketing Specialist @ Brooks Running EMEA
Sammy-Rose Cohn
Digital Marketing Trainee @ Brooks Running EMEA
Austin Simms
VP Global Marketing @ Brooks Running US
Danielle Pepperl
Senior Manager Marketing Content & Strategy @ Brooks Running US
Doug Larimer
Sr. Digital Communications Manager @ Brooks Running US
Kiana van Waes
Senior CRM Specialist @ Brooks Running US
Melissa Stump
Content Strategy Manager @ Brooks Running US