a.s.r. insurance

Time for a little bit
more outside.

it’s all still a little strange, have we forgotten how to be outside.

On May 6th, Prime Minister Rutte announced during a press conference that we were allowed to go out a little bit more. On May 8th, a.s.r. went live with this campaign.

Oops, that didn’t go too well.

Everyone has been inside for so long that they may have forgotten how to act in the outdoors. Watch out (be a bit more careful), is the motto. That is why a.s.r. introduced a benefit package for non-life insurance with sustainable damage repair. Two commercials show us different ‘damage situations’.

Online and social

The films have different formats en lengths per medium

A clear landing

What is the benefit package non-life insurance? How does sustainable damage repair work? These questions and more are all extensively answered on the landing page.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Karin, Corinne, Erwin, Kelly, Frank, Hella, Nelleke, Paul, Chiméne, Scott, Christel, Nathalie, Yvette, Sjors, Veronica, Vijay, Yvonne en Birgit

Karin van der Hulst
Campaign Manager @ TheMerge
Corinne Genestay
Strategic Planner
Erwin Kleinjan
Director @ TheMerge
Kelly de Heij
Media planner @ Media Reverse
Frank Jockin
Creative @ TheMerge
Hella de Weger
Head of Brand @ a.s.r.
Nelleke Ungersma
Campaign manager @ a.s.r.
Paul Meijer
Partner @ TheMerge
Chiméne Adoptie
Visual Designer @ a.s.r.
Scott van der Veld
Motion Graphics Designer @ TheMerge
Christel van Capelleveen
Content marketer @ a.s.r.
Nathalie van den Bor
Content creation @ a.s.r.
Yvette de Zwart
Visual Designer @ a.s.r.
Sjors Kroon
Owner @ Media Reverse
Veronica van Hoogdalem
Voice actor
Vijay Kanhai
Music Producer @ Soulsearchin
Yvonne Bruysters
Campaign Manager @ TheMerge
Birgit ten Hove
Media Director @ Media Reverse