a.s.r. insurance

Yes, to this.
No to that.

With my premium? Thanks, but no thanks.

You do this. Your premium does that.

As consumers we make conscious choices to make a positive contribution to the world, but we are not always aware our insurance premium can be doing the opposite.To create more awareness, a.s.r. launched a campaign which explains in what your i.a. car and home insurance, is and isn’t invested.

Even clearer in our tag-ons.

Consumers are often unaware that their insurance premium is being invested. So, through short clips the steps between insurance and the investment of premiums is made clear and linked to products.

Display shows ‘this’.

High-impact formats show in what a.s.r. invests. Which the campaign indicates with "this" and what we do not invest in is called "that". Sounds much more distant, hat's a good thing.

Do I invest in weapons?

Commercials are hardly watched online. That’s why online video has its own format. A format which catches the eye immediately and explains insurance policy clearly.

In what? Well, in this.

The global investment policy is central to bus shelter ads. They become clear through an example of ‘this’.

‘You see ‘this’ everywhere.

Vertical, horizontal, square, short, long, with and without CTA.

Print for consultants.

Consultants are noticing that clients want their money to be invested sustainably. Now they can advise an insurance policy that actually does this.

The landing page, now that’s where it really gets specific.

The landing page looks deeper into investment policy. Here we look at examples of industries in which we do not invest, but also companies in which we do invest.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Marco, Karin, Corinne, Erwin, Kelly, Frank, Hella, Nelleke, Paul, Chiméne, Scott, Christel, Nathalie, Yvette, Sjors, Vijay, William, Yvonne, Birgit, Britt, Maurits, Rens, Tymen, Sietske en Braz
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