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NL does it.

Sometimes you can do something by doing nothing

As much as we were taken aback by this virus, as quick as we were making this campaign.

Appealing to the public to ‘do nothing’ fits with ‘This is the time to do’.

"This is the time to do" has a construct that consists of four parts.
1. we see something in society:
Due to the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus, the ICs are in danger of overflowing.

2. We think of that:
As a major absenteeism and health insurer, a.s.r. supports healthcare workers. By staying home as much as possible, we can reduce the pressure on the healthcare system and limit damage as much as possible.

3. We do something about it:
We use a.s.r.’s media influence for a call to stay indoors and not for a commercial purpose.

4. The Netherlands does it
In this case, it’s not a.s.r. that does it, it’s the entire Netherlands. That is why the film now closes with "The Netherlands does it"

Everything leads to one place, very clear.

The landing page emphasizes the importance of social distancing and staying indoors. Initiatives are also highlighted.

Following the positive reactions to the music, a page has also been dedicated to the song.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Erwin, Frank, Karin, Scott, Birgit, Veronica, Christel, Corinne, Hella, Linde, Nelleke, Sjors, Vijay, Yvonne, Nathalie, Chiméne, Martin en Yvette

Erwin Kleinjan
Creative Director @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Art Director @ TheMerge
Karin van der Hulst
Campaign manager @ TheMerge
Scott van der Velden
Motion Graphic designer @ TheMerge
Birgit ten Hove
Media Strategy @ Media Reverse
Veronica van Hoogdalem
Voice actor
Christel van Capelleveen
Content marketer @ a.s.r.
Corinne Genestay
Strategy @ Corinne Genestay
Hella de Weger
Head of Brand Portfolio Management, Strategy, Branding & Positioning @ a.s.r.
Linde Schöne
Nelleke Ungersma
Campaign manager @ a.s.r.
Sjors Kroon
Owner @ Media Reverse
Vijay Kanhai
Music Producer @ Soulsearchin
Yvonne Bruysters
Campaign manager @ TheMerge
Nathalie van den Bor
Content creation @ a.s.r.
Chiméne Adoptie
Visual Designer @ a.s.r.
Martin Cornelissen
Yvette de Zwart
Designer @ a.s.r.