a.s.r. insurance

This is the time to do.

A campaign that’s more than it’s looks.

We saw a movement in society.

People no longer wait for governments or agencies to change something, they are increasingly taking matters into their own hands.

These can be big things like the Ocean clean up, or small things like going meatless a day a week. . These are people choosing to take action instead of just leaving their reaction online.

This campaign is about the role a.s.r. plays in society: insuring people in a way that contributes to a fair and sustainable society.


They say print is dead, but if it’s in the paper it must be true

So, full-page ads in the daily papers, the introduction of ‘the time to do’. Paper just reads so well.

Show us
your ‘do’.

Whoever says it is the time to do, must take the lead.

This is what the 10 second videos are for, to be used as tag-ons and on their own . As proof that a.s.r. it really does it.

a.s.r. also shows you on the streets what they do.

Straightforward. A clear story that everyone can hear, which doesn't need any embellishment.

The "self-learning display banner" always optimizes.

Online we can see which "evidence" resonates best and performs accordingly. A dynamic banner shows multiple messages and keeps track of which has the most interaction.

Through the back-end system we can easily add extra messages that can be adjusted live. This way we can continue to optimize during the campaign period.

Do what we promise

a.s.r., for example, announced not long after the launch of the campaign they would no longer pay bonuses to the people at the top of the company.

Some call is news, we call it ‘a reason to believe’.

It’s smooth landing on this page.

All proof of the online journey leads to the campaign page, where we collect all proof that a.s.r. actually does it.

It is clear that "a.s.r. does it "is not just a communication strategy, but part of the business strategy. It gives direction to the entire company. A.s.r. thinks with every product, service or action about how they make a positive contribution to society.

The campaign was made possible by this merge.

A super fusion between Karin, Madlen, Corinne, Erwin, Frank, Hella, Job, Jordy, Junte, Michael, Nelleke, Nick, Paul, Roeland, Stefanie, Bart, Boudewijn, Chiméne, Christel, Madoc, Nathalie, Reinder, Yvette, Sjors en Birgit
Karin van der Hulst
Sr. Accountmanager @ TheMerge
Madlen Folk
Junior Producer @ Czar
Corinne Genestay
Strategy @ Corinne Genestay
Erwin Kleinjan
Partner @ TheMerge
Frank Jockin
Art Director @ TheMerge
Hella de Weger
Head of Brand Portfolio Management, Strategy, Branding & Positioning @ asr
Job Wind
Sr Full Stack Developer & Technical Lead @ Monkey Station
Jordy Wedding
Master of the universe @ Jordy Wedding illustratie en vormgeving
Junte Uiterwijk
Michael Middelkoop
Director @ Czar
Nelleke Ungersma
Campaign manager @ asr
Nick Hoogveldt
Copywriter @ TheMerge
Paul Meijer
Partner @ TheMerge
Roeland Verboom
Creative Director Copy @ TheMerge
Stefanie van Vonderen
Freelance creative all-round producer @ SJATZIE Productions
Bart van de Werken
Boudewijn van Uden
Director Corporate communications @ a.s.r.
Chiméne Adoptie
Visual Designer @ a.s.r.
Christel van Capelleveen
Content marketer @ a.s.r.
Madoc Marein
Sound technician @ Earforce en drone piloot
Nathalie van den Bor
Content creation @ a.s.r.
Reinder van Zalk
Componist, Owner @ Earforce en de Podcast Factory
Yvette de Zwart
Designer @ a.s.r.
Sjors Kroon
Owner @ Media Reverse
Birgit ten Hove
Media Strategy @ Media Reverse