The solution driven agency
This is the age of solutions. We are convinced of that. Target groups are well-informed and therefore critical, so you can no longer get away with vague promises or a layer of varnish. Being a real solution means being useful, for people and the world. At TheMerge we specialize in coming up with solutions. We like to sink our teeth into a problem. Because every problem is the start of a change.
Become a solution
Three things are important for solutions. Research into the problem, the composition of the team and a change mindset. We develop impactful communication, interventions and propositions that are optimized to achieve objectives.


To become a solution, we must first fall in love with the problem. Find out everything there is to know about the problem. Ask any question worth asking to get to the heart of the matter.


We form one team with our client, their preferred suppliers and add on any expert necessary. We call this team a merge.


Different fields of expertise together in a Merge, bring new skills, bring new insights, and then develop new solutions. To change for better.
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Effie case

'Dit is de tijd van doen' gouden Effie 2021

Suzuki gives color to its six year warranty claim

With the S-cross, Vitara, Swift and Ignis highlighted

Generatie Ja… en? zegt er wat van

Generatie Ja… en? zegt er wat van

a.s.r. insurance
Yes, to this. No to that.

With my premium? Thanks, but no thanks.

a.s.r. insurance
Time for a little bit more outside.

it’s all still a little strange, have we forgotten how to be outside.

The World upside down.

A private lease campaign in uncertain times.

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NL does it.

Sometimes you can do something by doing nothing.

Sharp by Suzuki.

A transition from sensible to super.

Brooks Running
Content, content...

....and more content for the second half of 2019.

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This is the time to do.

A campaign that’s more than its looks.

Are you ok?

A small question with a big effect.